The company is mainly engaged in china-russia motor transport, air transport, railway LCL, central Europe, central Asia freight train, international multi-modal transport, with a strong integration capacity of project logistics capacity, bulk bulk cargo door to door international transport capacity. We have a professional sales team and operation team, for your goods export production suitable transportation program, to provide a ticket to the end of the quality service. We also have a number of customs control warehouses, the whole process of independent operation, comprehensive monitoring and tracking of goods, to provide customers with accurate service information, to ensure the arrival of goods on time. Cross-border electricity business has developed rapidly in recent years, the company based in shenzhen huoerguos port as the backing, for cross-border electricity bulk volume small, the characteristics of high frequency, small batch, take to rectify, transport bulk carpooling can do customs declaration alone, independent clearance, make Russia clearance, bulk matching, less-than-one carload single box delivery cycle is long to thoroughly solve the problem. Providing cross-border logistics services of one-stop, door to door and double customs clearance for cross-border e-commerce participants not only reduces operating costs, shorens transportation cycle, but also avoids customs clearance risks. The implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, the operation of the free trade zone and the continuous growth of cross-border e-commerce business have brought new opportunities and challenges for the development of logistics. Inscription large logistics relying on the port of shenzhen and huoerguos location advantages, established to build a "department of Russian national railway logistics double transportation industry leader" development goals, focus area along the department of Russian national transportation, adhering to the "safety, speed, service, integrity, green, open," the concept of development, actively explore Internet +, big data technology and its combination, to promote transformation and upgrading, make their own implementation corner overtaking, for the implementation of the strategy of "area" to accelerate. Company and land, air, railway, double clear package tax to the door. At the same time to undertake ceibs train food, cosmetics, hot pot ingredients, seasoning, paste and other products double clear package tax to the door service. Mingda logistics co., LTD. To structure the distribution network throughout Russia! Whether your products are liquid, powder, food, medicine, chemicals, chemicals, pesticides. And other sensitive products or ordinary products. We will be integrated distribution resources, for your products safe and fast delivery throughout Russia.

The development course

  • It was founded in 2007 with investment from the Russian development investment bank

  • The next day in 2009 to the birth of efficient delivery service

  • In 2010, it expanded from more than 100 employees to more than 1,000 employees, with more than 70 trains and more than 50 distribution stations

  • In 2013, it occupied 15% of the e-commerce delivery and express delivery market in Russia, ranking among the top ten in Russia

  • In 2015, China headquarters amler overseas storage (shenzhen) co., LTD was established

  • In 2016, amler overseas warehouse successfully processed 800,000 pieces of goods, providing fast and efficient services for Chinese cross-border e-commerce

  • In 2017, the no. 2 warehouse covering 9,000 square meters will be launched to provide customized services for customers

  • In 2018, lean management was launched to improve service quality