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The logistics industry is accelerating its digital transformation
Release Time:2019-9-17 Number of views:180

China''s logistics industry is accelerating its transformation to intelligence and digitalization. From warehousing to transportation, the logistics industry is increasingly integrated with science and technology, and the industry is becoming more efficient.

Master wang, a truck driver born after 1990, has used a new platform in recent years to improve his work efficiency. He in the "mobile China · zhiyun peer" fleet into the changchun faw liberation forum, said: "I have three years in the storage platform to find goods, the most direct feeling is much more worry than before, before finding goods need to contact all around, now the platform to send orders, save time and effort. I mainly run the changchun - hebei line, and I don''t have to run empty when I come back, which reduces the cost."

At present, China''s logistics industry has entered a new era of digitalization and intellectualization. In terms of efficiency, environmental protection, intelligence and comfort, higher requirements have been put forward for relevant parties in the industrial chain.

Zhou Ruizhe ChuZhiYun brand marketing planning department general manager revealed that in ChuZhi capacity to help solve highway logistics efficiency is low, the rate of empty empty, and the owner and the driver to find each other, through the technology to make platform within the scope of the owner according to the need to find a suitable driver, let the truck driver to open the national logistics supply market across the country. Drivers and shippers can trade freely and independently on the platform, and finally the logistics industry can reasonably and effectively integrate their superior resources in the five links of "people, vehicles, goods, network and chain".

As the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in China, faw jiefang occupies nearly one third of the market share of road transport vehicles in China, and is also transforming from "leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles" to "provider of intelligent transportation solutions", which coincides with the development direction of zhongchuzhiyun. In the future, the platform will gradually develop from "logistics ecology" to "supply chain ecology". Centering on the demand of supply chain users, it will gradually carry out a series of services such as warehousing, multi-modal transportation, international logistics, heavy truck leasing, freight prepaid, insurance, refueling, ETC., online shopping mall and driver''s home.

In terms of warehousing, xi ''an logistics center of xi ''an branch of shaanxi business division of China storage development co., LTD is the newly constructed logistics node of China storage in western region and the incubation base of integrated service platform of China storage steel product line supply chain. It has been listed as the third batch of multimodal transport demonstration units of the Ministry of Transport.

Reservoir development co., LTD., shaanxi in the group party secretary Kang Guihua on "travel" chi flow China transport team went into the store shares seminar in xi ''an, xi ''an logistics center has been actively exploring new mode "logistics + Internet", focus on iron and steel logistics industry development, build the supply chain integration of the combination of online service platform; At the same time, we cooperate with zhongchu zhiyun to provide integrated services such as warehousing, transportation, processing, trading and information consulting for customers in the iron and steel industry chain. In the future, it will cooperate with enterprises settled in the park to realize the convergence of business, logistics and information flow in the park through a series of functions, so that customers can more easily obtain logistics services with lower cost and better quality in the park.

Pan Hong is an in store shares in xi ''an branch for 12 years, in her view, 10 years, great changes have taken place in xi ''an branch not only business model, digital and information use is everywhere, from a traditional warehousing business enterprise of iron and steel, become the focus of steel logistics industry supply chain service provider.

"Flow of new era, China logistics people pay tribute to the new China 70th birthday" public welfare propaganda activity guidance by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council news center, storage and transportation of the People''s Republic of China magazine, China''s reform, a think-tank, reported to the enterprise, the host, China foundation for poverty alleviation, liberation, faw car co., LTD., to give strong support, in the storage logistics technology co., LTD., nanjing wisdom walked into the store shares and changchun faw liberation in xi ''an is the flow of new era, China logistics people pay tribute to the new China 70th birthday "public welfare propaganda activity an important content.