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China (shenyang) issued the development plan for cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test, and sent enterprises to "go abroad" to boost their efforts
Release Time:2019-9-17 Number of views:125

Recently, the development plan of China (shenyang) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone (hereinafter referred to as "the plan") was officially issued, bringing new opportunities to the cross-border e-commerce industry in shenyang.



The plan emphasizes that shenyang cross-border e-commerce industry shoulders the new mission of boosting the revitalization of northeast China. First, it integrates domestic and foreign market resources through institutional innovation, drives the formation of "One Belt And One Road" logistics hub, and drives the transformation and upgrading of industrial products. Second, expand the opening up to force the industrial structure adjustment, through the comprehensive test area construction to create a new opening window in shenyang, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure; Third, by improving the service level of cross-border e-commerce export transaction, finance, logistics, warehousing and other services, the system, management and service innovation of cross-border e-commerce will be carried out to provide experience for the development of cross-border e-commerce in northeast China and even the whole country.

According to the plan, a major logistics channel for international cross-border e-commerce trade with shenyang as the center should be established: develop cross-border import business relying on the postal and customs supervision center; Relying on taoxian international airport, we will build a "4-hour air traffic circle" in northeast Asia and a "12-hour air traffic circle" in major global cities. We will expand cross-border e-commerce air, land and air cargo charter flights and carry out multimodal transport by utilizing such international logistics and transportation routes as the shenzhou-europe express train and the shenzhou-europe international postal service.

"Planning" is put forward, to create an online "one-stop" service system, adhere to the principle of "access", and commerce, customs clearance, postal, tax, market supervision, foreign exchange and other government departments for data interchange and connectivity, realize the government management departments "information exchange, mutual recognition and enforcement of mutual supervision", formed cross-sectoral, condominium, sharing mechanism.

Shenyang, postal service, said the next step will continue to send force cross-border Posting and delivering services, according to the national "3211" post offices work requirements, give full play to the internationalization of sharing information service system and intelligent express logistics system in China (shenyang) cross-border e-commerce as the important support of comprehensive experimental zone construction, realize the business flow, logistics, information flow integrated, booster, postal express delivery enterprises "sea", promote the city''s cross-border electricity, healthy, high quality and rapid development of industry.